AGAPE recruits, trains, and licenses compassionate, Christian, loving, and nurturing foster families. AGAPE offers our foster families 24/7 support, initial and on-going training, and financial reimbursement for various special needs unique to the child(ren) and/or family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. View this short tutorial:
  2. Call our main office in Raleigh, NC at (919) 673-7816
  3. Or E-mail Kimberly Scott, our Executive Director
  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must be in good health
  • You can be married, single, or divorced/widowed
  • You must be a Christian to receive our agency’s support

There are many reasons why foster care would be needed for a child. Foster care placement may be required due to accusations of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, substance abuse on the part of the parent or primary caregiver, or neglect of the child. Foster care placement may also be the result of an adolescent’s repeated run-ins with the law.


  • Physical, emotional, and safety needs
  • Proximity to the child’s family and school
  • Keeping siblings together as much as possible
  • Special skills or attributes of the foster family

For a Child in Foster Care, The Ideal Goal is Permanency.

Ways to Achieve Permanency

  • Reunification
    • To reunite children with their parents or principal caretakers once the situation is deemed appropriate and safe for them to be returned
  • Kinship Care
  • Adoption
  • In rare cases, long-term foster care
  • Other common goals include:
    • Establishing guardianship
    • Emancipation

What Happens Once a Child is in the Foster Care System?

11% Return Home Within 90 Days
90% Remain in Foster Care for Over 90 Days
53% Remain in Foster Care for Over 540 Days
34% Remain in Foster Care 2 Years before Parental Rights are Terminated

These facts are an overwhelming indication that AGAPE’s mission to provide compassionate Christian outreach to children and families is wholeheartedly necessary. Foster care gives children a second chance and an opportunity to be raised in a stable environment.

Foster care gives children a second chance and an opportunity to be raised in a stable environment.