Wrap-Around Care Support Teams

the GOAL

Mobilizing the body of Christ to compassionately love and serve foster/adoptive families through intentional relationships so that every family thrives and every child experiences hope and healing.

the WHY

Most foster families say that fostering is the most enriching experience of their lives but also the most difficult. Getting to know and love the children, families and professionals in their lives is transformative. The journey is filled with unique stressors that require consistent, relational support and access to high levels of extra support when a placement is especially overwhelming. Families who receive this kind of wrap around care support serve as foster parents longer and more effectively.

the HOW

A group of 4-7 committed people (or couples) with diverse giftings who have been strategically matched to a specific foster/adoptive family. This group of people are committed to developing a relationship with the foster/adoptive family and has made the family’s continued success part of their personal mission. Each team member commits to serving in one of four specific roles: Team Leader, Caregiver, Helper, Encourager.

TEAM members

Team Leader

Contact with foster family, care coordination, communication, prayer coverage, team maintenance


Tailored specifically to the family- can provide childcare, tutoring, respite or other similar activities for the family.


Tasks such as meals, laundry, yard work, appointments, transportation, errands, etc. as needed. They keep their eyes and ears open for creative ways to help.


Emotional support for the family- prayers, words of encouragement, notes, phone calls, emails etc. to help the foster family feel covered and cared for.

Contact Keith Fortier at 984-218-6303‬ or kfortier@agapeofnc.org for more information.