The Holland Family’s Support for AGAPE of NC’s Mission!

Alton Holland considered it his purpose in life to honor God and His Son, Jesus Christ. He was a true Christian family man, servant, and church leader at Brooks Ave. Church of Christ, and later, at North Raleigh Church of Christ. Alton was also a productive member of AGAPE of North Carolina’s Board of Directors during the organization’s early, formative years.

Most anyone who ever met Alton immediately felt a powerful sense of friendship. That was a gift he gave, particularly to those less fortunate. Alton’s steady core of confidence and bravery, trustworthiness, wisdom, and leadership abilities were also important as he worked with other like-minded individuals to effectively set the high standards on which AGAPE of NC was founded, to start the agency’s operations, and to spread AGAPE’s programs and services throughout North Carolina.

Alton’s commitment to AGAPE’s mission was not his alone either. While Alton served on AGAPE’s Board, his wife, Clarice, volunteered to staff the LoveLine phone (a former crisis hotline run by AGAPE in 1980’s). Over the years, Alton’s and Clarice’s three sons – Glenn, Danny, and Andy* – along with their own families, have also served area congregations (Brooks Ave. Church of Christ, Raleigh Church of Christ, and North Raleigh Church of Christ), as well as advocating for AGAPE’s ministry. Daughters-in-law, Fran and Melissa, have volunteered their time and talents for various AGAPE projects –like our former Backpack Ministry—and served a term on AGAPE’s Board. And today, a 3rd Holland generation supports AGAPE too!

*Andy recalls a time many years ago, when members of the Holland family attended an “AGAPE of NC Dinner” at a large hotel in Greensboro, NC. He remembers that specific occasion because Nick Boone was the guest speaker! Nick had earned his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Tennessee. In the 1970’s, he served as Exec. Director for West Tennessee AGAPE, a family service organization. After moving to Nashville, TN, Nick continued his work in the Social Services field, became a Social Work instructor at David Lipscomb University, and served as a song leader for Church of Christ congregations in the area.

Nick Boone also happens to be the younger brother and uncle, respectively, of music recording artists Pat Boone and Debby Boone. (Going back to the 1950’s, Nick was successful in the music industry too – before deciding to change professions.) So, Nick Boone’s speech was memorable, not just because of what he had to say about AGAPE’s ministry. Ironically, while Nick was speaking, the AGAPE crowd could overhear the party in a nearby ballroom where the DJ was playing “You Light Up My Life,” a song made popular by Nick’s niece.