We want to do more than just meet the minimum requirements though – we strive for excellence in all areas of service.

Our Mission

AGAPE of NC exists to provide professional social services as a compassionate Christian outreach to children and families in need in order to strengthen families.

Our History

AGAPE of NC Inc. was incorporated by North Carolina area churches of Christ as a Christian social service agency to provide help to children and families in need.

By 1982, our first Executive Director was hired and the agency received its child-placing license from the state of North Carolina.

Acceptance of Christian Mission

AGAPE of NC is a Christ-Centered child-placing agency supported and governed by a Christ-Centered Board of Directors. Only individuals who can accept and support our mission statement and who can effectively support and relate to our foster parents, for whom religious beliefs are important, will be employed by AGAPE of NC. All employees/contractors will be qualified for employment by virtue of the education, experience, and skills necessary for their positions.

Employees/contractors/volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Christian principles and maintain the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards of behavior.

Guiding Principles & Values

The following statement reflects the values and guiding principles that each staff member working at AGAPE must aspire to uphold.

“As a group of individuals connected by our working for AGAPE of NC and united in the cause of serving children and families in need, we collectively desire to maintain a working environment that is characterized by AGAPE’s principles, values, and ideals. Therefore, all employees/contractors/volunteers are expected to uphold the following.

  • We will work conscientiously, knowing our jobs are an extension of the church in ministry to children and families.
  • We will accept the responsibility entrusted to us by our generous supporters to use their funds efficiently in all we do.
  • We will be compassionate and considerate to each other and treat all people with dignity, respect, and honor.
  • We will endeavor to keep our office a loving and positive environment where we encourage and uplift each other.
  • Our behavior and attitudes will be tempered with patience, understanding, and tolerance as we deal with others on a daily basis.
  • We will treat all clients, especially the children in our care, with proper respect and professional care, agreeing not to harm or mistreat a child in any way. This includes physical and sexual abuse and the neglect of a child.”


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