When we first contacted AGAPE of NC in 2016, we knew very little about foster care and the licensure process. Our AGAPE social worker was so kind and knowledgeable as she guided us through each step towards officially becoming foster parents. We received our first placement (newborn twins) about a month after licensure, and it was a whirlwind of an adjustment!

AGAPE’s Executive Director, Kim Scott, was a tremendous help to us in those crazy early months. Every social worker or staff member that we’ve worked with in the past six years has been loving, caring, and understanding. Our family’s foster care story has been unpredictable and challenging, but it’s helpful to know that our agency is committed to praying for and encouraging us on this journey.

Foster care is undoubtedly hard, but God’s strength is sufficient to meet all our needs.

He has and will continue to carry us through the many ups and downs. Our lives have been forever changed by foster care and we’re so grateful to the many people who’ve enabled AGAPE to continue this important work of supporting children and families in need!

~ From: Stephen & Jennifer Hunter