“AGAPE of NC opened my heart to so many babies and families. God’s servants at AGAPE also opened their hearts up to me, personally, by playing a part in my husband being able to adopt my boys a couple of years into our marriage. They did a home study for us and provided a service like none other. They helped our family during a time of child rearing hardships and celebrated with us when life moved me in a different direction.”

I remember a day when this couple of young teenagers came into the office of AGAPE of NC – scared but determined to make sure their baby found a great home and family. They were a beautiful couple with dreams and knew they would not be able to provide. They combed through all of the potential adoptive homes until they found the perfect fit. They wanted to match up personalities as well as the family’s ability to provide. They had not met the couple face to face, but God had. HE knew they were the right fit. I was able to be a part of this little girl being placed in a home that only she was meant for. To look at her now, you would not know she was not a birth child. She fit perfectly in personality and appearance. She has been well loved.

I remember another time with AGAPE when I was able to be a part of respite care. I had the honor to pick up a 4 lb. newborn from the hospital and keep him for several days at my home. He was so tiny we could bathe him in our bathroom sink, and it still swallowed him up. Our boys really enjoyed opening up our home to the babies and it opened up their eyes to the realities of teen pregnancy. They loved on this particular little one until the day he went to be with his adoptive family. Although personally a bit sad for us, that was a joyful day!