“Fostering has helped us see the bigger picture of God’s kingdom. It is easy to get busy with our own life, thoughts, and worries. Fostering has provided us with the daily reminder to try to look outward and not so much inward. God cares about us AND he cares about vulnerable children and families. We never want to lose sight of the things that God cares about.”

“We are PUMPED to officially be able to share that after 2 years of foster to adopt, ANDREW DOMINIC HANKINS is OFFICIALLY OUR SON!!! Addison and Avery are also excited to have him join the “A Team”! We are so happy to finally be able to share pictures of our WHOLE family of 5! Thank you so much to everyone who encouraged us on this long process! Thank you to Agape of North Carolina Adoption Agency for guiding us through this journey! Thank you to Andrew’s previous foster family who gave him a loving home for 2 years before us! Most importantly PRAISE GOD for the way He miraculously orchestrated these events!!!! He is literally the only explanation for how these events could have possibly come together. Meanwhile, here are the first of many pictures we have been itching to share over the last 2 years!!!”