“There are so many you would like to help, but if you can save one life, then you know it was worth it.”
– The Richardsons –

One memorable night over dinner, Derrick and Cassandra Richardson decided to pursue a life-changing role as foster parents. They dove right into classes and prepared themselves for the new feet that would one day walk through their front door. Like many new foster parents, they feared shared parenting and getting attached to the children. However, the Richardsons soon discovered that the time they have with their foster children is worth much more than any worry they could ever have.

The Richardsons possess some great pieces of advice for other parents considering fostering or adoption. They find it important to lean on your support system and always be patient. You can never ask too many questions and help is always available. The Richardsons also express the importance in making time for your family outside of the foster children every once in a while. In order for a family to function as the strongest unit it can, each and every member must be tended to. Derrick and Cassandra want parents considering fostering or adoption to know that things may get overwhelming from time to time, but the support system of AGAPE of NC can get you through anything.

Derrick and Cassandra feel that the progress a child makes after entering their home is the most rewarding part of fostering. They remind us that every child has their own history, but there is no limitation for the love you can give them. It is not the amount of time the child is in their care that matters most to the Richardsons, but making the most out of the time that is given.