Here at AGAPE of NC, we value our volunteers and are grateful for the time and talents they share with our organization. We are committed to making the volunteer experience one that is fun and tailored to your skills, passions, and interests. Our Goal is to equip our volunteers to take ownership of their roles, while knowing they can rely on the support of the AGAPE staff for guidance.

Volunteer Opportunities

AGAPE’s Foster Family Wrap-Around Care Program

We’re so pleased to announce that AGAPE of NC is starting a new program and now we need Volunteers! If you’re looking for an opportunity to devote some of your time and talents in support of our mission, becoming a “WRAP-AROUND CARE VOLUNTEER” is for YOU!

What exactly is a “Wrap-Around Care Volunteer”? Well, think of it as a great, big HUG!

As a Wrap-Around Care Volunteer, we’ll ask you to sponsor one of AGAPE’s Fostering Families. That might involve bringing an occasional meal; sending notes of encouragement, birthday & other holiday cards; providing gift cards for restaurants, shopping, gas/fuel, etc. (really anything you think would help make our Foster Parents and/or the kids in their care know someone is thinking about them, smile, feel extra special, or give them a little break from day-to-day stresses).

It’s important for everyone in a Foster Family to know that they are not alone, and we believe they can benefit from an AGAPE Volunteer providing individualized wrap-around support. Such personal contact can help our parents and kids expand their pool of resources and develop a relationship of trust with someone on whom they can rely. And who, including a Volunteer, couldn’t use another caring connection in their lives?!

We have a lot of suggestions for how YOU might help support a Foster Family – and we’d love to hear your ideas too! We can help identify some specific needs – and YOU know all the love and creative abilities you have to offer! The Ladies Group at Brunswick Church of Christ recently decided to take on this special project in support of AGAPE’s Foster Parents and the kids in their care. Our Outreach Team is meeting with the Group this month to kick off our new Wrap-Around Care Volunteer Program.

Media Content Contributors

Do you have a personal story to tell, information to offer, or an announcement to make regarding a Foster Care, Adoption, or Family Counseling subject; your AGAPE work, volunteering or partnering experience; supporting AGAPE’s mission; or another related topic?

If so, we want to hear from you! We’d love to share your stories in a blog post; a Social Media post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; or an article in our quarterly Newsletter!

How it works

Write your own article (300-500 words) and submit it to our Project Coordinator. Or you can reach out to arrange an interview with an AGAPE intern or Staff member who will write the article.

Interviews may be conducted in person, over the phone, or by Q&A via email. Consent is required for AGAPE to edit articles for consistency, to fit the space available, and for other publication purposes.

Providing content for our various media outlets helps to extend our outreach to those in need of AGAPE’s foster care, adoption/post-adoption, and family counseling services. It also raises awareness about those needs so AGAPE can receive resources and make the contacts necessary to meet those needs.