Many of our AGAPE families, current and past, know the name, Jerry Sprague.

Jerry is one of the original employees of AGAPE of NC — he helped transition our organization through a difficult phase and has remained a friendly face to so many over the years.

Jerry joined AGAPE of NC in 1992, just ten years after the organization was established. At that time AGAPE was looking to expand our services in North Carolina. Jerry was hired as a Counselor in our new Raleigh office, which was then located at Brooks Ave. Church of Christ, and felt an immediate passion for AGAPE’s mission.

“AGAPE is unique in that all children are placed in Christian homes. Sometimes this may be the first time a child has heard of Jesus or had a chance to go to church and Bible classes. So, the goal of AGAPE isn’t just placement of a child in a safe environment – it’s also so that the child will have a chance to know about the Lord as they experience true Christian love.”

Reflecting on his years with AGAPE, Jerry pointed out that one of the more difficult times was when AGAPE of NC’s beloved founding Director, Tom Slaughter, passed away. Tom was a close friend of Jerry’s and supported him through many things – most remarkable, the loss of his father in 2012. “Tom was a person with a heart for this kind of work.” Tom’s passing was not only devastating for Jerry, but it was also a blow to the organization, forcing AGAPE to stop providing services until a new Executive Director was found. Luckily, Kimberly Scott, AGAPE’s current Executive Director, had the same passion for AGAPE’s mission that Tom embodied and was hired to fill the role. Kimberly and Jerry – the only remaining AGAPE employee – then set to work to get AGAPE up and running again. After Jerry was able to witness firsthand AGAPE of NC’s ability to thrive under Kim’s leadership, he decided to step back from his social work responsibilities. Jerry now trains foster families in First Aid/CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens. This year, 2022, will be his 30th year with AGAPE.

Asked what the one thing he’s learned over his many years at AGAPE was, Jerry shared: “Foster parents are amazing people. I also learned that a birth mother deciding to put her child up for adoption is usually a supreme act of love and is a very difficult decision.”

We are forever grateful for the 30 years of service Jerry has given AGAPE of NC. His love for his work, our mission and the foster community are always evident. “Working with AGAPE has been a very special, fun and meaningful experience for me. I got to work with a number of amazing Christians families and co-workers.”